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Russia is just WOW


Russia, it is so different from any other country. The local guides there were friendly, funny and astonishingly knowledgeable. All the cities that visited in Russia, seemed very different from one another.  I’ll never forget what an amazing time I had on this tour and I would recommend it to anyone who wants to experience something new and different.


It would take you several lifetimes to fully explore Russia’s array of historical riches and cultural delights. After all, this is the world’s largest country, a place where the average trip can take in everything from a scenic cruise through the canals of St Petersburg.


Saint Basil’s Cathedral


Saint Petersburg


St Petersburg State Polytechnical University


Church of the Savior on Spilled Blood, St. Petersburg


Mariinsky Theatre



Russia is famed for its cold, and not without good reason: summers are short.
Summer is generally considered the best time to visit Russia, with the White Nights of June and July drawing visitors to St Petersburg.

Bring your sunglasses, and be prepared for some long nights out on the town!



Russia is a vast and multicultural country, so it’s no surprise that its cuisine is hugely varied.


Absolutely amazing tour