Adventurous bunch of budget travellers sharing their travel experiences

Who are we?

Who are we?

Hi There,

If you made it all the way here, you must be wondering who all these cool and beautiful people behind the amazing stories we tell are. So let us brag a little with our small achievements and bright wits, put your sunglasses on and prepare to be amazed!




Jasmin Shams, the voice of reason

A 23-years old marketing student, food lover and travel dreamer. Usually rational but skydiving and bungee jumping happen when my inner adventurer takes over. My kind of travels combine relaxing with fun activities and meeting new people.









Sonja Lindholm, the social butterfly

A 23-year-old marketing student who’s passionate about travelling and a wine lover. I did my exchange in California and my heart still beats for this land of opportunities where anything can be possible. When I’m travelling I always attempt to meet new people because the best thing is to get to know to the local culture and get the real experience out of it. The next stop for me will be Australia next fall because my Australian host sister is getting married! So watch out Melbourne, I’ll be back!







Juulia Rajala, the travel planner

A 23-year-old marketing student who loves good food and travelling. I’m usually the one taking charge of making travel plans and booking trips just because I want to make the most of my trips! However I am not afraid to make impulsive decisions if they lead to new adventures. I love to explore the nature, see all the beautiful and unique places in the world and taste the local foods wherever I go!








Taru Kuusisto, the activity chaser

A 24-year-old marketing student and lover of adventures, great music and good company. My traveling plans include exploring the coolest urban sceneries in the world as well as the most amazing miracles nature has to offer. During my travels, I’m constantly on the go, whether it be searching for the greatest hiking spot or the best bar for some live tunes. You won’t catch me lying in the sun for too long, I might be missing out on something awesome!






Janne Toppinen, the wanderer

A 24-year old (you guessed it!) marketing student, and to shock ya’ll, I’ll let you in on a little secret: I like to travel sometimes. Who would have known? My travel plans include the following characteristics: Where do I go? When? And the rest you can always figure out once you get there. I enjoy meeting local people to get to know the place I’m at, as well as other travelers to share some good stories from the road. Easily distracted and always wondering what’s behind the next corner, I keep on a constant move and tend to just wander around somewhat aimlessly finding fun things to poke at. So don’t worry if you get lost, stay curious and embrace the adventure!





Milan Halas, the Mr. Nice

When things aren’t going well, Mr. Nice will cheer you up 😉 I’m a multicultural mix of Eastern Europe: half Czech (Moravian) half Russian, born and raised in Finland. My enthusiasm to traveling comes from young age when we did road trips from Helsinki through Baltics to the Czech Republic. In 2016 I was on study exchange in Prague, where I felt like home (still missing it). The previous year was full of adventures, parties, new people, sights, mmm… tastes. Big part of my trips I did alone, going out of my comfort zone, which was actually great choice. When going somewhere alone, doesn’t mean there isn’t anyone waiting for you. If you keep your heart open, amazing things will happen to you! My future dream job is the one, which could be done remotely allowing me to learn more about this beautifully diverse planet.





Esmeralda Dervishaj, the positive vibes

A 22-year-old business student. A full-time student with a great passion for exploring the world and meeting new cultures along with nature and photography. Now I am attending my studies in Finland as an exchange student. Traveling is wonderful in many ways. It captures us with a sense of wanderlust and has us longing for more destinations to visit, cultures to experience, food to eat, and people to meet. As amazing as traveling is, most of us think we need to wait until our later years to really explore a lot of the world. I want to inspire you to travel more now.




You can (maybe) find us at:

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